Linh Le

by Danny from Newmarket

My dad is my hero because he cares for me very much, and he always taught me what is right and what is wrong. He would always have time for me when I needed help and teach me to do the right thing. My type of hero is a person who has strength, politeness, patience, love, and courage. He would always do the right thing and never do drugs.

When my dad escaped from Vietnam, he spoke very little English when he came to Canada, but it didn't stop him from continuing his education. My dad was married to my mom in Toronto, Ontario in the year 1989. He used to be a photo lab technician for 18 years until he was laid off in 1998. Then he went to C.D.I. college to study computer networking. Now he has a good job in Missisauga.

He knows a lot of kung fu too! He was the best fighter out of all his brothers. He learned the most brutal style of kickboxing called "Muai Thai." He actually signed up for it when he was 11 years old, which is pretty risky because you can get really injured.

My dad is always polite to anyone around him. He would never ignore me or anyone else because he has respect for everyone.

My father is always loving to me and my mom very much. He never gets upset if he had a really bad day at work or if I did something bad; he would still love me and my mom a lot.

My dad has patience that could last for eternity because if he was teaching me something and I didn't get it, he would continue to try to find a way to help me. Even after an hour he would still try to teach me. My dad always has courage because if I was in trouble or in danger, he would come to my rescue or save me. He would never leave me there and run away.

My dad has two types of strength, one from his body and another from his heart. He shows this when he was in C.D.I. college. He would study really late at night and never get tired or give up because he was thinking of me and my mom. He wanted a job so my mom and I can live a happy life.

My dad is a hero in my life because he provides, protects, and loves me and my mom very much. He works very hard to create a better life and future for our family. I'm very proud to have a loving father like him. I'm going to work very hard at school so that I can be a man like him.

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