Larry Bird

by Jace S. - Middle School - from EP, Minnesota in United States

       The Bird Of Ball

Basketball. That is the 7th most popular sport in the world. But that is not the case for myself, no. For me the most popular sport is basketball. And one of my, if not my favorite, hobbies. My top three best basketball players ever list is...

3. Larry Bird

2. Magic Johnson

1. Michael Jordan

Now, Michael Jordan may be the best player (in my opinion) BUT the most inspiring player to me is Larry Bird. There are a couple reasons why he is. I’ll start it off. I’ve been watching how he played and noticed he could focus on the whole court, and he always knew what was going on. And then I realized I could do that too. Not even half as good, of course, but the same concept. I also realized I can focus on the whole court in basketball, and yet still can’t seem to completely focus in class...

We’re working on it.

Another reason why he inspires me is because his passing skills are PHENOMENAL. Possibly the best passer in the entirety of the NBA. I take that back. He was without a doubt the best passer in the NBA, period. For example, just look up Larry Bird pass compilation. It’s un-world-ly. 

Larry Bird was my way to basketball, my path, my light to guide me through the wonderful journeys of basketball.

My key. 

Key to having fun.

Key to my mind. 

My creativity.

But when I can’t do something correctly and I know I can, it’s just like I’m being taunted by my own talent, that I wish to pursue.

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