LeBron James

by Jovan Gollman - Middle School - from Chicopee, Massachusetts in United States

134470LeBron JamesWikimedia Commons 

He is a hero because of his perseverance and how he is so open-minded on and off the court. LeBron also opened a school for kids in his hometown where he's from. The name of the school is the ipromise school. There are many benefits, such as it is for low-income families, there's free breakfast, lunch, snacks and there is an on-site food bank. The school also offers a GED program for parents and job training. He has also donated over a million dollars to The Boys and Girls Club over the years. Also donated a million dollars to his high school to renovate the entire gym. Fun fact about LeBron, as young as a high school student he was nicknamed “the chosen one.“ Another fun fact, he also owns a part of English Premier League Liverpool Soccer club, which is one of the best soccer clubs in the world. I chose that picture because I feel as though that shows his perseverance of how much strength he’s developed over the years.


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