Lebron James

by Buna from Prishtina in Malta

154971Lebrons happygoogle images.To be a hero, there are three qualities that you need: the first quality you need is kindness;  if you don't have that quality therefore people will think you're mean and people will not like you and without it, you will become the villain, not the hero. The second quality a hero needs is bravery. Without bravery, you would not have the courage to help and speak up for people. The third quality a hero needs is courage, without it you would not be a hero because if you don't have the courage to do it, don't do it at all. 

Lebron James is a famous basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. A reason why he is important is because, even though he is very famous, he also donates to the poor. For example, he donated lots of money to the old school he was in when he was a kid. This is major because many celebrities can be selfish and do not help people around them, while LeBron is caring and spreads kindness around the world. Another reason is that he was the youngest NBA player. This is important since everyone in the NBA was stronger, bigger, and taller, But he still had the courage to play for the NBA and eventually gain the award for most valuable player of the NBA.  

LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio on December 30, 1984. LeBron studied at St. Vincents Mary High School, and he almost missed 100 days of school because of financial troubles, LeBron and his mom had to move about six times one year. Lebron grew up poor and never knew his father, so he and his mom moved a lot during his childhood. Now Lebron has two sons and a daughter and a wife. He is now 39 years old. Lebron won the MVP award as a freshman and was named MR. Basketball in Ohio. He became a sensation that Sports Illustrator put him on the cover in 2002. Lebron won the MVP award which means most valuable player of the finales. He won MVP 4 times he won once in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. He was the first player in finales history to lead both teams in points, rebounds, and assists blocks. Lebron James joined the Los Angeles lakers in 2018. Lebron won the championship in 2012 and 2013. Lebron also played for the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles. Lebron still plays basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Lebron accomplished many things on the court but the most important is that he won the MVP award which means most valuable player of the finals. He got the award in 2013. He was the first player in history to lead both teams in points rebounds assists, blocks.  Lebron also helped break barriers, inspire the next generation of athletes, and create a movement for social change.  

One of the biggest challenges for Lebron is that he did not have a father and grew up poor. Sometimes he did not have food to eat and cried himself to sleep. Another challenge he faced was being the youngest NBA player there, so he had to compete with people twice his size. But he still managed to do it and won the award for best player. I think it so cool how Lebron managed to be an NBA player at such a young age and he managed to do it by practicing and keeping his eyes on the goal. 

In conclusion, I think Lebron James is a hero because he donates to charity, and he is an inspiration since he was the youngest player in the NBA and did big things at a young age. I think Lebron is a big inspiration for the stuff he has done. The qualities a hero needs to have are bravery, courage, kindness and caring. Lebron shows all these qualities when he plays, helps people, and donates.                             

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