Hee Ah Lee

by Stephen from LKMS

Hee Ah Lee and her mom (The Korean Times-'Four-Fingered Pianist' Releases Debut Album)
Hee Ah Lee and her mom (The Korean Times-'Four-Fingered Pianist' Releases Debut Album)

Heroes in our society are regarded with our utmost admiration. They are those who persevere to achieve things against all odds. We praise them for their selflessness, courage, high spirits and perseverance. Who better represents these qualities than Hee Ah Lee, a.k.a The Four Fingered Pianist?

Hee Ah Lee was born on July 9th, 1985 in Seoul, Korea. She was born with severe disabilities, including only two fingers present on each hand, no legs below the kneecaps, and mild brain damage.

When she was 7, her mother started her on the piano to train her hands, which at the time couldn’t even hold a pencil. “However, as time went by, the piano became my source of inspiration and my best friend,” she recalls. Soon she diligently practiced piano for hours at a time trying really hard to improve. For example, she worked on one passage from Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu for five years. She wanted to quit many times but finally succeeded.

“…The piano has provided me with many benefits - consolation, courage, gratitude, and compassion are just a few. It has also given me the added opportunity to meet many world-wide friends."

-Hee Ah Lee

In 1992, she won the First Prize at the Korean National Student Music Contest, and has since won many more contests and has also played in many solo-concerts along with playing with many well-known artists. She was even awarded by the then President of Korea, DaeJong Kim, for Overcoming Physical Difficulty. She has also been recognized as one of the best students in Seoul by the Korean Education Department.

“I hope people are inspired by the idea ‘Yes, I can do anything’ while listening to me play.”

-Hee Ah Lee

“In my life, I have experienced many difficulties and have struggled hard to overcome some of my obvious disabilities. I continue to struggle daily, but I am comforted and feel deep consolation in being privileged with the opportunity to express my appreciation for life by using the talents that God has blessed me with and sharing them with you.”

-Hee Ah Lee

Hee Ah Lee is inspirational because she is highly diligent and patient. She is an example of what can be done when one put one’s mind and heart to it. From her we learn about patience, hard work and believing in one self. Today she is 19 years old and attends The Korean National College of Rehabilitation and Welfare.

“Do not compare yourself to others. Try hard to become whatever you want to be.”

-Hee Ah Lee

“My goal in life is to share my experiences with others, especially with those who may be undergoing a difficult struggle in their life. I hope to return what I've received from God to you. I love you all.”

-Hee Ah Lee

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