Leonardo DaVinci

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Self Portrait Leonardo DaVinci 

Self Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci
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'Leonardo's Brain,' is a book that Director Tiffany Shlain's father and best-selling author, Leonard Shlain, finished days before he passed away. Tiffany builds off her father's ideas to explore the future of our species in this award winning short film honoring Leonardo DaVinci

The Future of our Species - Festival Winner
Credit: MY HERO

Leonardo''s Brain: Understanding Da Vinci''s Creative Genius

By: Leonard Shlain
Best-selling author Leonard Shlain explores the l...

Stories About Leonardo Da Vinci on MY HERO

Leonardo da Vinci

By: Dr. Sherwin Nuland
Leonardo da Vinci was an artist and a scientist who was ever curious about the world around him.

Leonardo da Vinci

By: Kirsten

Books About Leonardo DaVinci

Leonardo Da Vinci (Getting to Know the World''s Greatest Artists)

By: Mike Venezia
Recommended for readers ages 7 to 10. This ser...

Leonardo da Vinci: The Mind of the Renaissance

By: Alessandro Vezzosi, Leonardo da Vinci (artist)
Synopsis Scientist, painter, philosop...

Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

By: Leonardo Da Vinci, Irma A. Richter

Leonardo Da Vinci

By: Kenneth Lord Clark

Leonardo da Vinci

By: Kathleen Krull
FROM THE PUBLISHER For more than thir...

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