Abraham Lincoln

by Hart and Ryan from Maryland

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

President Lincoln is our hero because in the 1860s, Abraham Lincoln knew slavery was wrong and he also knew that people needed their freedom and he knew people needed their money. This shows that he thought fairly and knew the right things.

Abraham Lincoln pictures by Mathew Brady
Abraham Lincoln pictures by Mathew Brady

As president during the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln preserved the Union and abolished slavery. One day, Mr. Lincoln noticed that a woman left a store without her change. He walked a mile and a half just to give her change back. This shows he's a hero because he's always honest.

Abraham Lincoln's parents were farmers who moved often while he and his sister were growing up. Abraham was born in Kentucky in 1809. Abraham married Mary Tod Lincoln and they had three sons named William, Robert, and Tadd Lincoln. On April 15,1865, Abraham Lincoln died after being shot in the head at the theater the night before.

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