Abraham Lincoln

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"As president I have no eyes...but constitutional, I cannot see you.."

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 on February the 12th in a log cabin located in Harden (now Larue.) Abraham Lincoln was 6 feet 4 inches tall the tallest president in the U.S. His mother had died in 1818.While growing up Abraham had a sister that had died in infancy. In 1816 they moved to Illinois because of slavery problems. Then his father had remarried a widow named Sarah Bush Johnston,his sister had died during childbirth that same year. Abraham Lincoln does not have a middle name either.

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd and had 4 boys. His first house on his own was a bluff in a tiny settlement above Salem Illinois. The rent he had to pay for his home was only $15.00 a month. Did you know in 1816 Limcoln almost drowned but luckily he had a hero that had saved his life. Also, in 1819 he was kicked by a horse and almost died.

Military Career

1860-he was elected also south carolina secceeds

1861-confederacy was formed and fort sumter was attacked

1862-battle of anietam

1863-Emancipation Proclamation also the Gettysburg Address

1864-Homestead Act

1865-Wayde Davis Bill, General Lee surrendered,Lincoln was assasinated

He only had 4 months of educaton in his entire life. He always read books instead of having freetime to do whatever he wanted.He became a lawyer in 1836 with no law school. He was a politician, lawyer, and a states man before he became the 16th president.He was also a store clerk, and a rail-splitter.


Because of Lincoln the American flag was raised over Fort Sumpter where the war began. When he had died he took two guests to the theatre to see "Our Amrican Cousin" and he was shot and died the next norning on April 26th 1865 at 7:22 am. He is remembered for his vital role also his character, speeches, letters, and as a man who is humble origins whose determination led him to the nations highest office. Also, death of slavery, the vinidiction of democracy, the ability to energize and mobilize the nation by appealing to it's ideals. Also, Lincoln's belief in God was so great, it was unbelievable.

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I believe that one day when i get to heaven I am going to see Abraham Lincoln and walk hand in hand and we are going to talk about how great heaven is and how we are so glad we made it to heaven.....i know it sounds funny but it is true...

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