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Teacher Thoughts About Participating in the MY HERO Global Learning Circles

The My Hero Project brought an amazing change in my students' learning.
The students were impacted by having an international perspective.  Many of these students have never gone beyond the town limits of Mali.  The My Hero Project brought a perspective that encouraged and inspired my students.
This experience was invaluable. My students and I are so glad to have the opportunity to travel around the world through global online collaboration.
Teacher - Moussa B. Tamboura

LOBK High School students celebrate the best of humanity by sharing amazing people's life who have impacted positively their communities, nation and overseas.

LOBK My Hero Team Skype Call with Indonesia students
Credit: Soma Guindo
Moussa and his School
Credit: Moussa B. Tamboura
Working on Heroes
Credit: Moussa B. Tamboura
Moussa B. Tamboura Global Teacher Grant
Credit: Moussa B. Tamboura


Michael Scofield by MoussaTamboura from Mali

By: Aichata Bello
A young man who put his heart, intelligence and commitment for the betterment of the community.

Jack Dawson by Moussa Tamboura from Mali

By: Aichata Bello
Titanic Love Story

Martin Luther King, Jr. by Moussa Tamboura, Mali

By: Aichata Bello
Martin Luther King, Jr. A great personality who inspired hundreds and thousands of people by his spirit of Non violence.


Jack Dawson

By: Aichata BELLO

Martin Luther King, Jr.

By: Aichata BELLO

Bill Gates


Dr. Boubou Cissé

By: Maguette Fofana

Mrs Gakou Salamata Fofana

By: Maguette Fofana

Tupac Amaru Shakur

By: Amadou Samba Guiro

Daba Modibo KEITA


Nelson Mandela

By: aminata kanta

Nelson Mandela

By: Badji KONATE

Mariam Katile

By: Aichata Diarra

Seydou Badian KOUYATE

By: Nene Guindo

Dr. Boubou Cissé

By: Maguette Fofana

Sun Myung Moon

By: Mowon Dembele

Camara Laye

By: Diakaridia SISSOKO


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