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Outstanding winning films from the MY HERO International Film Festival!


Jasmine Blossom Martoglio, Aurelia Sunshine Martoglio | Batchelor Middle School
This is a documentary about an unsung hero named Maurice Hilleman who created an amazing amount of vaccines, and made it possible for modern vaccines to work.

Katherine Johnson: The Human Computer

Jasmine Blossom Martoglio | Batchelor Middle School
This is a documentary about Katherine Johnson and why she is an American hero.

The Bon-Bon Bomber: Gail Halvorsen Story

Oscar Paul McDermott-Sipe, Tristan Alma Williams | Batchelor Middle School
Gail was inspired to drop candy to the children of Berlin and how he started a ripple effect.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: A Hero In Healthcare

Breckin Tyler Anderson, Beau Badger | Lora Batchelor Middle School
Amid the ongoing coranavirus pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci has delivered Americans everywhere scientifically correct research surrounding the pandemic...

Dr Maurice Hilleman an Unknown Hero

Abi Marie Goodwin & Leo Douglas Rusch | Batchelor Middle School
This is a documentary about the life of Maurice Hilleman.

Martin Luther King Jr: A True Hero

Kameron John feagans | Batchelor Middle School
This is a video about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King jr. and why he was a hero.

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