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Louis Tomlinson

by Lillian Brady - Tenth grade - from Fredericksburg, Virginia


147594One Direction in 2012Brett Robinson - Global PhotographicsLouis Tomlinson, known as a celebrity with more than 36 million fans, is way more than just a pop star to me. Tomlinson was born on December 24, 1991, and grew up in Doncaster UK. At the age of eighteen, he auditioned on X-Factor and was put into a band later named One Direction. One Direction was from the years 2010 to 2015 and has been in a hiatus since then. In 2020 Tomlinson released his debut album and was starting to go on tour but Covid made the tours not capable. Since the beginning and definitely Corona, Tomlinson has never failed to be a good role model and icon to his fans. He has created bonds with his fans and reached out to them in these frightening times. No matter if he’s telling us to our faces or tweeting at us, he continues to be supportive and give us good advice.  Louis Tomlinson is my hero because he continues to show support, wiseness minded, and authentic words or actions towards his fandom. 

147596Louis Tomlinson during a One Direction Concertdonkeyjacket45Tomlinson is one of the most supportive people I have ever known. He tweets simply, “Hope everyone’s doing Alright!”, almost once every one or two months. I think his song lyrics are also a way he reaches out to his fans. An example of this is,  “If it all goes wrong, darling just hold on” (Louis Tomlinson). That is a lyric from Tomlinson’s song, “Just Hold On” featuring Steve Aoki. The whole song but especially this line is telling us to stay strong even through tough times. In a different aspect of support Tomlinson created a Believe in Charity Ball. This ball was supporting children with extreme illnesses. This ball was started with a red carpet for the children with paparazzi included. Tomlinson even told them to only take pictures of the kids because he wanted it to be about them. He got each individual kid a dress or suit they wanted in their sizes and got them whatever accessories they wanted. The whole night there were other band members of Tomlinson’s who were involved such as Liam Payne who bid a high amount as well as Harry Styles who put one of his shirts on the auction table. Just these two examples show how supportive he is, but what comes with supportiveness is a wise mind. 

Throughout his entire life, Tomlinson has been very strong, this can be a good or a bad thing. He has had a lot of experiences in his childhood alone that he has become very wise. At a young age, Tomlinson lost his mother, Johannah, and later lost his younger sister, Felicite. I can’t ever understand the pain he felt, but clearly, this was a lot to go through. In these moments he has gone through so much, that he has developed experience in life. That doesn’t just come from nothing, it comes from hard and extremely painful things that happen in your life. He said in an interview, “I’ve turned something that’s really dark into something that empowers me.” (Louis Tomlinson). He has become so much stronger throughout his life because of these moments. He gains a lot of knowledge and good advice. Liam Payne said, "Yeah. And it's like, time to give that [high expectations] a break really. And Louis from my band has always been quite great to sit with me and talk with me about stuff.” (Liam Payne). This is showing how he gives good advice, if his friend after eleven years says that, he must be wise. Through these experiences, he has become more authentic with his fans.  

147597One Direction FansEva Rinaldi Celebrity PhotographerBeing a pop star for more than ten years is extremely hard. He has grown with his fandom, after being in One Direction and found his own crowd, this has made his connection with his fans grow even more. The amount of fans he meets does not make him any less nice or affectionate towards them. He has multiple inside jokes in his fandom because of how close he is to all of them. He talks to his fans as his friends, making the conversations with them mean something.  He is able to tell his fans when they are being rude or praise them when they are being nice. This bond makes him able to do that. This shows he is genuinely a kind-hearted person, he is able to connect with his fans and be real with them. “Louis Tomlinson fans are one of the most passionate and active fanbases in modern times.” ( et al). This quote was said in an interview which I definitely agree with. His fans have been supporting him since 2010 because he is able to talk to us authentically. But it isn’t just one-sided, “Fans always tell me I’m beautiful, but no one will ever be as beautiful as them.” (Louis Tomlinson). Tomlinson said this in an interview showing his bond with his fans. It's nice to know that my hero won’t let his fans be rude, he is able to tell them to stop. This makes me feel safe and supported in this community.

147598Louis Tomlinson laughing during a concertAshley Newby Through the good and bad, Tomlinson continued to show his support whether it is towards his fans, a charity, or even sung through songs it has always been there. Tomlinson even made a whole charity, if that doesn’t mean anything, then I don’t know what does. Without his experiences, he wouldn’t have been able to make the ball as special as it was. These experiences led to his wise mind. He is able to give good advice to his fans and friends. Giving fans advice includes being real and authentic towards them. He has been able to make these connections with his fandom. Overall, Louis Tomlinson is my hero because he is supportive, wise, and authentic towards his fandom. 

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