Ludwig Van Beethoven

by Kylr from New York

"Beethoven does it again."

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on December 17, 1770. His life was inauspicious. He was the son of an obscure tenor singer. There are many stories of his father forcing him to play the piano when he was young. In 1787, Beethoven went to Vienna, a noted musical center.

He played the piano for many years on end. In his mid thirties, he started to lose his hearing. He complained of earaches and having trouble hearing other people.

When he lost his hearing, he thought it was the end of the world. He would never again be able to listen to music. But he thought about it for awhile. He could still play music, but he would not hear a thing.

He was very sad for the rest of his life. He didn't want to leave his room for quite awhile when this happened. His friends started to worry about him.

He just wanted his life to end. Well, he died in his sixties. There were many people at his funeral. They were all very sad.

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