by Sally Peterson from San Francisco, California in United States

141138Luna Sally Once upon a time there was a cat. She was all alone. She was as sad as any cat there at the SPCA. She was 4 years old now.

"Nobody wants a needy teenager like me. Every day someone would come by the window, say 'Aww, so regal and cute', they would come inside play with me, get my hopes up..., then leave. But one day a humble group came along looking for someone just like me, although I had learned not to get too exited anymore, and of course they left. But something weird happened. They came back. It was strange, this had never happened before. They came inside, so I decided to hide. It was too weird for me, so they decide to take me to a bigger room. Thanks a lot, now it was even scarier, and not many places to hide. What a nightmare, I thought. They were a little disappointed, but they still didn't leave. I could tell something was going on. And all of a sudden I was being led into a box, I knew it! They were gonna send me to where all the older cats went and never came back. Although usually it didn't take this long to get there. They took me down some stairs, in a car (I hate cars) and inside of this strange new building that wasn't the cage I was used to, but a comfy room with a soft ground and comfy chair. And then they did something that was weird... They talked to me, not to each other, not to themselves, but to me. It was nice. They said that this was my new home and that they love me very much, and that my new name was Luna. At the SPCA they called me Dolphin, so its nice to know that my new name is an improvement. It didn't take long for me to get out of the box, which I hated. Who wants to be in a dark box not knowing where you're going, not me of course. After a few very comfy nights I started to settle in with my new bed, toys, house, and family. This one little girl explained to me that not only was I helping her, but she was helping me. Having an animal to talk to was apparently very calming and soothing to some. It was nice to know that I was no longer a homeless cat. I had a wonderful home and an even better family. Home sweet home!!!"

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