Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay)

by Sean from Worthington

The Hero of my life Muhammed Ali What was it that made people pay attention to Muhammed Ali? Could it have been his rhymes and cocky ways, standing for what he believed was true, or was it the boxing and making things that seemed impossible into possibility? Muhammed Ali has been a permanent fixture in our lives from when we heard of him being boxing champion, and still to this day. As evidenced by a movie about his life this winter. He never meant to set out and change things in America let alone the world. Though in the end of his Reign he had done that and more. He had inspired people to go out and try hard even though they were different. He brought cocky rhymes and poetry to use and in return we brought ourselves to his fights. The man who could float like a butter fly and sting like a bee had stung has stung the hearts of millions with his heroic works.

We have been with Ali in many history making fights. The fights such as Joe Frazier and Ali’s first fight. In which he sadly lost. This was said to be a fight that the bad guys won, most people said Ali did the right thing when he didn’t go through the draft. He knew as a black man of those times he had no rights in his own country, so why fight for it in a war America didn’t belong in. In specking out against America they took away the belt of world champion from Ali. Even though he lost the fight in the long run he won his freedoms as a man.

He had become Muslim many years before this fight. His name was first Cassius Clay he called this his "Slave Name" and changed it to Muhammad Ali, out of disrespect many people called him Cassius Clay to make furious. In 1981 Ali retired from his long term Boxing career. Then in 1984 the man the world so loved told us all he had parkens disease.

Well in the end things for Muhammad Ali may not have been what he planed life to be with his disease. The great thing in the end of it all of his life where the times and the great memories he gave us all. The fights we have seen him over come, and moral struggles against society. He knew in the long run he was right and you couldn’t tell him any different.

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