Mahatma Gandhi

by Shruti singh from jubail in Saudi Arabia

Never loose hope, because freedom  and love is always with you.

146552Mahatma GandhiSHRUTI SINGHMy hero is: Mahatma Gandhi. He is my hero because he is the one who set free India, who gave India Independence, who fought the British that discrimination is not good. Independence day is one 15th of august. Although he was brown he was not scared of the British, but he was strong. He sick of being ordered, getting threatened on a train, and getting beaten for wearing clean clothes.

Indian's call him father of our nation. As to remember him we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhi Jayanti is on November 2, we celebrate this day because this is Mahatma Gandhi birthday date. We all are happy because he if it weren't for him India would still be in capture of British.

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