Young Heroes

Malala Yousafzai

by Mr Belsey from Cochrane, Alberta in Canada

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150884Mala WebPyperThe reason why I choose Malala for my hero is that even tho she could have been killed, she still stood up for girls’ rights and freedoms. I think that any girl, like myself, would think of her as a hero. The book I read is an autobiography, which is a book that the person wrote about their life. My book has 230 pages long. The book covers the time when Malala was a very young girl until she became a young adult. This book was first printed in the USA, in January 2016. When the Taliban was in control of Swat, Pakistan, Malala wrote in a diary about what was going on in Swat, but her father was talking to the tv crew, he accidentally sp the beans.

Malala was born and grew up in Swat, Pakistan July 12, 1997. Malala's father was the principal of her school and her mother stayed at home to do housework. When her brothers were little, she cared for them. Malala was interested in having a good education. The people who influenced Malala were her mother and father, who encouraged her to keep trying. Malala's dream was to become a teacher or a doctor when she grew up. When Malala was younger, the Taliban took control of Swat.


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