Manizha/UN Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees/SDG 10

by Natalia Kayurina from Russia

It is impossible to pay attention to all the heroes and activists who work on the Sustainable Development Goals at once. They all make a huge contribution to the work to achieve the Goals. Because it’s not enough to set goals, you need to make efforts to achieve them.

From Russia, the UN Goodwill Ambassador is the singer Manizha. She deals with the problem of refugees, which is one of the priorities in the modern world. Manizha cooperates with the UN in 2019. She participates in various projects and information campaigns in our country. This is largely due to the personal experience of the singer.At a certain time, more precisely in 1994, during the civil war in Tajikistan, her family had to flee Dushanbe. Having faced the problems of migrants and refugees face to face, Manizha, like no one else, can understand the problems of refugees and, more importantly, convey this to other people, so the singer often speaks out in support of socially vulnerable groups.

The activity of the singer is not limited to one topic. Manizha actively supports women in their rights. For example, in the spring of 2019, Manizha launched the Silsila mobile app, through which women can report the fact of violence and seek help from the nearest crisis center. Also, the girl launched a flash mob "Beauty Trauma" against the standards imposed by society. She repeatedly raised issues of domestic violence and women's rights during her trips to the Caucasus and became an ambassador for the "Podari Zhizn" Foundation.

When Manizha was asked why she does this, how she finds spiritual strength for this, she gave an unequivocal answer. "Mom always brought us up like that - we need to support those who are now in a difficult situation." This phrase makes you think how much depends on what principles people pass on to others through education. In order to help others, sometimes you need not just material security and connections, but a desire and faith that the world can be changed.

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