Margaret (Molly) Brown

by Karen from Billings

Margaret Brown
Bain News Service/Adam Cuerden /
[Public Domain] via Wikimedia

Heroes help others in need; that is their main characteristic. All of them have many other contributing qualities, making them unique. Some of my hero’s characteristics are class and compassion. She was always standing up for what she believed in. My hero is Margaret Brown.

Margaret Tobin Brown is more commonly known as many other names, including Maggie Brown, Molly Brown and the unsinkable Molly Brown. She was born on July 18, 1867. Molly was born and raised in Hannibal, Missouri. In her late teens she moved to Colorado, first to Leadville with her sister and brother then later to Denver with her husband James Joseph Brown. Though she hoped to marry into wealth, she married Mr. Brown for love and they worked their way to their riches. She become a socialite involved in many activities in Denver with her husband. After living a fulfilling life, she passed away due to a brain tumor on October 26, 1932, at age sixty-five. Molly did great things with her life.

Though most famous for surviving the Titanic accident Molly Brown aided everyone around her in numerous ways before and after the disaster. Her riches and publicity benefited her while raising money and provoking attention about issues she believed in strongly. As an activist she fought for workers’ rights and women’s rights. Also, she worked to start one of the first juvenile courts in the country. Molly even worked behind the front lines during WWI in France by helping to rebuild areas and assist the wounded. While on the Carpathia after the Titanic sank, she organized the distribution of food and blankets and helped compose a list of survivors. Molly was an amazing philanthropist, promoting good and improving the quality of life.

Brown presenting trophy cup award to Capt. Arthur Henry Rostron
Bain News Serice / [Public Domain] via Wikimedia

Because she was so generous and charitable, Molly Brown is my hero. I love that her wealth didn’t get to her and she wasn’t self-absorbed. Instead, she used her riches to change the lives of many for the better. Throughout her life, Molly has shown compassion in many ways such as opening a soup kitchen for miners like her husband and upholding others during the Titanic incident. She was all about servicing others no matter if something small or very large needed to be done. Assisting people was how Molly became the best she could be.

I hope that I can be as selfless as Molly Brown was throughout my life. Her compassion toward others and value of the need to aid those surrounding is amazing. Both social status and riches helped her to accomplish wondrous things. She has bettered the lives of people all over country because of what she has done. Margaret Brown truly was and is a hero to many including myself.

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