by Katie from USA

"Semper Fi"

Do you have a hero? Heroes are daring, brave, and they go and do things for no money. You can trust them. They do not give up and they keep on trying. They also think quickly. But some heroes are too good to be true. That is how I feel about my heroes, the Marines.

“The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” The military men and women who serve on ships are the Marines. They are a branch of the Navy. November 10, 1775, is the birthday of the Marines. The Marines were founded before the Declaration of Independence was signed. The three core values are honor, courage, and commitment. “Semper Fi” means always faithful, and that is also their motto.

My dad was in the military and he was a Sgt. Major in the Marine Corps for 27 years. Up until the 30th year of the Marines, a member can still be called to go to war. My brother Erick is 19 years old and he joined the Marines last year. He went to boot camp in South Carolina and he did training, and then he graduated. It is hard work to be a Marine. He said, “I will try my hardest to get through this.”

Finally, the Marines are a group of women and men that protect our country. They are brave and courageous. They risk their lives. They leave their family to go to war or boot camp. I am happy that we have the Marines here to protect us.

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