Martin Luther King Jr

by Omarr RaSharjd Lee - Guest Contributor - from Largo, MD

“I Have a Dream"

Written By: Omarr RaSharjd Lee


From the breath of my lungs,

To the depths of my soul,

He was a man so brave, and

A man so bold, and

He had a dream.

His dream was for all blacks to get respect,

For all blacks to be respected for being who they are,

Indeed Dr. King was a shining star,

Of his time, or

Of his day and age,

Even though Dr. King truly spoke for peace,

It may have inspired some people to fight back with rage, but

It is a privilege to honor and pay my respects, 

Because he is a character of brilliance,

Always believe that you will achieve,

Always think before you do, and

Always wish upon a star,

Because that star may take you to a phenomenal height,

As a poet would write,

A phenomenal phrase,

A phenomenal verse,

For a phenomenal man.

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