Martin Luther King Jr.

by Nathaniel Rivera from Chicopee, Massachusetts in United States

Martin Luther King Jr. is my hero for many reasons. Martin Luther King Jr. is my hero because he fought for the rights of African Americans when they faced major racial inequality. Martin Luther King Jr. also organized many peaceful protests, one of the most well known ones being the March on Washington. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke one of the most famous speeches, called "I Have a Dream," and it is well known because it was one of the things that helped end segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. was also a civil rights activist. These are the reasons why Martin Luther King Jr. was my hero.

The Guide To Change

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man to be inspired by,

He helped people when things didn't meet eye to eye,

He had a march to make some things better,

He said a speech which altered people's minds

He made things better he made things right,

And changed the views of people at that time,

He made things become different,

As he provided a light of change to the future,

That was not there in prior times.

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