Freedom Heroes

Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Blake from Dalton

Do you have a hero? Well I do, and his name is Martin Luther King Jr. He was a brave, loving ,and caring type of person that was not scared of anything.

If Martin Luther King Jr didn't do anything then the whites and the blacks would not be in the same schools together. If he didn't do anything, my friends and I would be fighting all the time,or might not even know each other. He was brave because he brought the whites and the blacks together to be one nation and to live together in peace and happiness.

If he didn't love us then he would not of brought us all together as one, instead of letting us fight, he fought to bring us together as one. He went to jail for us trying to bring us all together.

If he did not care about us then he would of just sit back and let us fight to the death. But he did not do that. Instead he cared so much that he did something, iabout it. He cared for us so much, that he fought back. He didn't have to fight back if he didn't won't to, but he loved and cared for us so much that he did fight back against the unfairness of things.

That is why Martin Luther King Jr is my hero because he was a brave, loving, and caring type of person that was not scared of anything.

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