Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Ashley

This Website is about the great Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. King was a peacemaker. Hes the one that stood up to his and his peoples right to create justice for all.

Martin Luther King Jr. was very courageous, and very brave. He stood up and did not care what people thought about it. he just wanted justice to be served. And look ! now it has. we are all proud of what he did for this country. Here is a poem written by MLKJ: I sought my soul But my soul,I could not see, I sout my God, but, He eluded me, I sought my brother, And I found all three.

MLKJ was a wonderful man, because he brought people of all different races together to compromise all because he stood up for what he belived in. He took a stand. Many people doubted him but that did not let it get in the way for what he wanted and what every one in that race wanted. He belived that all people are equal. And he showed it with his wise words and thoughts.

His speeches,words,thoughts,poems etc.... may have tooken his life but,he's a hero who has a legacy that will never die.

Birth date:January 15, 1929 Birth place: Atlanta Georiga Death date: April 4, 1968

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