Matt Iseman

by Madeleine Boedeker from San Diego, California in United States

129767Matt Iseman overcomes rheumatoid arthritis. 350 million people worldwide have to live with arthritis. One of them is Matt Iseman. Ever since he was diagnosed, Iseman has worked hard to help those with rheumatoid arthritis however he can. Matt Iseman, a comedian, doctor, host of American Ninja Warrior, and the first winner of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” in 2017, is a hero. Those who are strong are able to overcome the obstacles life throws at them. Those who are selfless guide others and are role models. Matt Iseman, through his work inspired by rheumatoid arthritis, shows that he is a hero to people around the world through his selflessness and strength.

129776Iseman won "The New Celebrity Apprentice" and raised $978,000 for the Arthritis Foundation. Iseman is a hero because of his selflessness and what he provides for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Iseman chooses to use his diagnosis to help others, which he got to do on “The New Celebrity Apprentice”: “‘From the first day, the first minute, I got to say, ‘Not only am I competing for the Arthritis Foundation, I have rheumatoid arthritis.’ It’s cool for people living with arthritis to know that they have a supporter and an ally out there’” (Maher). Iseman makes the best of his rheumatoid arthritis and uses the situation to help others. He benefits people around the world by working hard and competing for the Arthritis Foundation. Iseman shows his selflessness by helping however he can to support those with arthritis. Iseman is dedicated to the Arthritis Foundation: “That is why I have been a passionate advocate, working with groups like the Arthritis Foundation to let others know that there is hope” (“Matt Iseman”). Matt Iseman has worked hard to help others who also have rheumatoid arthritis. As a head of the cause, Iseman has had a lasting effect on people around the world. What he does for the Arthritis Foundation can help people get through rough times when they are at their lowest,. Therefore, Matt Iseman is a hero because of his selflessness shown through his work for rheumatoid arthritis.

129790Iseman has won the battle against arthritis. shows he is a hero by being strong and overcoming the obstacles in his life. Iseman gets through difficulties caused by his arthritis: “I have discovered yoga and pilates. They are terrific for building strength and flexibility. If you are dealing with RA, the saying goes ‘motion is lotion.’ The more you move the better you feel and the better your vitality” (“Matt Iseman”).  Iseman didn’t give up hope and worked to overcome his arthritis. He has found a solution and has regained his strength, so he now thrives and is healthy once again. Matt Iseman uses comedy to regain strength when he is at his lowest: “Laughter has always been key for me, particularly when I was down before I was diagnosed. Stand-up comedy really saved my life at that point. No matter how bad I felt, I did stand-up comedy, laughing and making others laugh. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is key. And laughter is such a great tool” (“Matt Iseman”). Matt Iseman makes light and doesn’t let his arthritis bring him down. He does everything he can to improve his overall wellbeing, even when it becomes difficult. Matt Iseman is a hero because of how he maintains strength despite the problems he faces throughout his life.

Therefore, Matt Iseman shows he is a hero to many people through his selflessness and strength, which is shown through his work for arthritis. Iseman works hard for the Arthritis Foundation, showing his selflessness and generosity. He also finds ways to overcome his arthritis, which makes him strong. Iseman is relatable to those with arthritis: “I want them to see me, someone who won ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ who hosts ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ and travels the country doing stand-up comedy. I love sharing my story. There is hope. This is a disease you can lead a full life with” (“Matt Iseman”). Iseman is a source of hope because of everything he does for those with arthritis, and he is someone we can look up to. Approximately 350 million people worldwide have to live with arthritis. Matt Iseman is one of them. To 350 million people, Iseman is a hero.

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