Matthew Lukwiya

by Trevor from United States

"It is our vocation to save life. It involves risk, but when we serve with love, that is when the risk does not matter so much. When we believe our mission is to save lives, we have got to do our work."

146131Dr. Matthew LukwiyaKennedy Oryema/New Vision (Uganda)Matthew Lukwiya was a doctor at St. Mary's Catholic Missionary Hospital outside of the town of Gulu in northern Uganda.

Born on November 24, 1957, he died from complications from the Ebola Virus on December 5, 2000.

146133Dr. Matthew LukwiyaDictionary of African Christian BiographyHe served at the hospital for 17 years.

In 1989, rebels from The Lotd's Resistance Army (a group that fought to run Uganda according to the 10 Commandments and who forced thousands of children to become child soldiers) came to kidnap a group of Italian nuns. Dr. Matthew (a Protestant) convinced them to kidnap him. He marched through the bush with them for a week in nothing but his doctor's gown until they let him go.

146132Dr. Matthew LukwiyaThe ObserverLater, he opened the walled gates around St. Mary's as a SANCTURY from the LRA. Around 9,000 people came per night to sleep in peace.

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