Young Heroes

Mattie is a good kid with a big heart and I think that's what inspires me the most.

Mattie J.T. Stepanek

by Melody Spring from San Fernando CA


A- "Awesome" is another special word for Mattie. 
S- "Splendid" sunshine every morning I wake up. 
T- "Terrific" Mattie is a wonderful "love boy."

O- "Outstanding" at always looking at the bright side. 
N- "Never" gave up on hope even when it was hard. 
I- "Intelligent" poet who never ran out of ideas.

S- "Superhero" who's always up for a challenge. 
H- "Hope" is what Mattie Stepanek believed in the most.

I- "Incredible" and talented kid who was always above and beyond.

N- "Nice" little boy whose heart was as bright as the sun.

G- "Grateful" little boy who always appreciated everything.

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