Mattie Stepanek

by Aayushmaan Malviya from Varanasi in India

TIME: My Best Friend


God tests his best knights

but never thinks about them for once.

Obviously problems flight

but take away tons.


It might not be the right time,

As rightly said.

When time's committing a crime,

You are just waiting for the deathbed,


I feel empty from inside,

as all the tears have dried.

All my brothers are playing seek-and-hide

but about their places, they have lied.


I saw a bird chirping every day,

keeping me up.

Now the bird's turned into hay,

torso in the eagle's nest, blood in the vulture's cup.


Others are playing a game of chess,

I am a participant.

Just sitting here to impress

making up a tent.


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