Mattie Stepanek

by Kim from Milford

Mattie Stepanek...what can ya say about a person like him??? Well, I'll tell ya...Mattie's a great person! Keep right on reading and find out just what a peacemaker he is!!

Mattie has accomplished many things. Like writing a New York Times BEST SELLER!!! Mattie also helped a young, country singer with some songs...origally created as poems. You may know this young man as Billy Gilman. Withen days, Mattie and Billy have become fast friends!! Yes, thats another thing Mattie earned...friends, and the hearts of millions!!!

Mattie has many is Mattie Stepanek!!! Another is Mattie:The Poetry Hero! And lastly, my favorite nickname...The Peacemaker!!! All of these nicknames fit him perfectly! Because well, because off all the poems he's written, and wonderful poems they are...I'd call Mattie a Poetry Hero...wouldn't you??? And what a peacemaker! I quote:"My heartsong is to help others find there's and bring peace through them!!!"

Mattie loves all creatures. Big or small, fat or skinny, everything is beautiful!!! Mattie has been writing since he was about 3 years old!!! And it really shows!!!

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Extra Info

Listen to the song inspired by Mattie and his poems!

Special thanks to David Alexander and the choir at St. Paul's Episcopal Day School, Kansas City for this touching song. Click below to download:

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