Teachers Heroes

Christa Mcauliffe

by Devin from New York

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off! Christa McAuliffe was the first teacher in space. Students and teachers all over the nation admired her. She told school kids to follow their dreams.

She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She began her teaching career at Benjamin Foulois Junior High School in Morningside, Maryland. A child said, "She memorized our names on the very first day.” After a year, she transferred to Thomas Johnson Middle School. She also had a great interest in space.

One obstacle she faced was to train to be an astronaut without having been one. She had to learn how to work the ship. Another obstacle she overcame was to go to law school at Georgetown University in nearby Washington, D.C.

Christa McAuliffe had many character traits. She was brave. When someone came up to her and said, “I admire you to take this position, I wouldn’t," she replied, "I don’t get it. If you had this chance, wouldn’t you take it?” She is also energetic. Her mom said, "Her enthusiasm, energy and sense of adventure made her a natural to assume this historic position." She is inspirational; school children all across the country watched the space shuttle.

One contribution she made was to be the first teacher in space. She revealed the wonders of space exploration to students.

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