Media Arts Education Resources

Resources for teachers and students creating hero-themed media arts projects.

Documentary Production Resources

Documentary Pre-Production Outline -- designed to guide students through the pre-production process of creating a documentary film.

Documentary Pre-Production Outline
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Documentary Intensive Workshop - 10 day Outline. This guide will help teachers and students who want direction in producing documentary films.

Documentary Production Bootcamp
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Documentary Post-Production seven-day workshop outline to help guide students and teachers who have completed production (shooting) their documentary projects.

Documentary Post-Production Workshop outline
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Media Arts Production

Basic Toolkit & Resource Guide for Young Filmmakers


AFI Screen Education
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Activist Media Outline - A guide to help students create original content to promote issues they care about! Created by MY HERO Film Festival Director, Wendy Milette.

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A short guide on how to get started in making your own short film about your hero. Created by MY HERO Film Festival Director, Wendy Milette.

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Copyright resources includes links for better understanding copyright issues as well as links to find copyright free images and sounds for media arts production. Created by MY HERO Film Festival Director, Wendy Milette.

Copyright Resources
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A simple guide to working with images for your hero-based media creations. Created by MY HERO Film Festival Director, Wendy Milette.

Working With Images
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A complete guide to creating meaningful interviews for documentaries and short hero-themed media.

Storytelling Toolkit


1 minute @ Baycat on Framing

Learn about how to frame a good shot from BAYCAT Studios!

Explore these resources for understanding and creating beautiful cinematographic images. Created by MY HERO Film Festival Director, Wendy Milette.

Beginning Cinematography
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A guide for understanding the basics of creating and recording sound for video. Created by MY HERO Film Festival Director, Wendy Milette.

Creating & Recording Sound
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Create original hero music with Garage Band. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Garage Band Tutorial
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Select videos to view for inspiration - College Level Winners


Produced by:Ryan Coogler
A touching story that reminds us not to be limited by preconceived notions. Director Ryan Coogler won the 2010 Student Narrative Award at the MY HERO International Film Festival for this short, and went on to write/co-direct "Creed" and the blockbuster "Black Panther."

Thembi's Diary

Produced by:Jisoo Kim
A wonderful evocation of a young African's refusal to let AIDS define her life.

Kim Phuc - excerpt from The Sunrise Storyteller

Kasha Slavner
Young filmmaker Kasha Slavner interviews Unesco Goodwill Ambassador Phan Thi Kim Phuc, who survived a napalm bomb when she was a 9-year-old during the Vietnam War.

No Child Left Deprived

Produced by:Mark Manalo
A young, inner-city public school student named Jaden takes a stand against his principal after the school's art teacher has been fired for choosing to teach art instead of the state-mandated, standardized test.

The Present

Produced by:Dir. Anna Matacz
Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.

Smoke That Travels [Trailer]

Produced by:Kayla Briët
What happens when a story is forgotten? I'm making a film about my dad, Gary Wiski-ge-amatyuk, my family, and what it means to be Native American today.

College Level - Portraits of Individuals


Produced by:Shaun MacGillivray
Joey is a remarkable hero who captured the heart of filmmaker Shaun MacGilllivray.


Produced by:Fary Sakho from SENEGAL
A tale of courage and passion in the face of adversity. TAGGAT MEDIA SCHOOL

The Last Iceman of Chimborazo

Produced by:Gabriela Lozada Pozo
For over 50 years, Baltazar Ushca has harvested the ice of Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo. His job is disappearing along with the glacier.

Select videos to view for inspiration - High School Level Winners

Marian Wright Edelman and the Children's Defense Fund: A Fight for Children's Advocacy

Produced by:Anthony Meng
This documentary tells the story of the Children's Defense Fund and its involvement in legislative efforts toward a better future for America's kids.

Us and Us

Produced by:Righteous Conversations Project
A look at dehumanization through the eyes of a black teen and the history of genocides.

Playas de Tijuana

Sophie Kim
An inspiring poem about the border fence that meets the sea, where names become prayers and where “the worst place to be is here and not there.”

Tipping Scales: The Story of Lisa Jura

Produced by:The Righteous Conversations Project Students
Tipping Scales' follows the journey of a young woman on the Kindertransport from Vienna to London in 1938. This short film was created by students in the Righteous Conversations Project Digital Storytelling Workshop, Summer 2015.

My Cambodia

Produced by:Kevin Ng Jia Quan
A Khmer's journey searching for hope.

Beginning of Community

Produced by:BAYCAT
A short animation on the importance of community beginning with family.

Select videos to view for inspiration - Middle School Level Winners

Growing a Healthy Community

Produced by:Light House Studio
A documentary about Growing for CHANGE made by students in the Westhaven Community.

Peace Begins

Produced by:Slater Jewell-Kemker
Slater works with other youth activists in a colorful celebration of Peace Day.

Emma Cushman: A Light in the Darkness

Produced by:Colin Caviness
Unsung hero Emma Darling Cushman, an American nurse who saved the lives of thousands of Armenian children during the Armenian genocide.


Produced by:Cecilia Martinez
Amazing acts as a call out to young Anishinaabe people to remind them that they are amazing and that they are capable of doing anything - despite the barriers others might place in front of them.

Mary and The Miners

Produced by:Charlotte Dolman
It's 1841. Mary Watkins is 10 years old and works in a coalmine.

The Buddy Club

Produced by:Jackie McMahon
Finding friends for friends in need.

Select videos to view for inspiration - Elementary School Level Winners

Feather Flowers

Produced by:Meg and Lacey
A young woman talks to her hero, her grandmother, who tells her stories of her early life in Australia.

Together We Can Create World Peace

Produced by:Emily Baker

Emily Baker captures a hope for peace in this meaningful montage.

Help Mary Save Coral

Produced by:Miranda Andersen from CANADA
One woman's effort to save the world's underrated natural resource, coral.

The Lighthouse

Produced by:Mark Leschinsky
This is the film about my Hero, Nicholas Dale Frankovits, an Educator, Inventor, Artist, and the Founder of the National Museum of Education.

Zero Trash Hero

Produced by:Luc LaMontagne
Local Hero Chip McDermott inspires Elementary student Luc to go green.

Rainforest Fable

Produced by:Cassidy Hancock, Breanna Meneses
Claymation PSA on the importance of saving world's rainforests. FIELDCREST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, CANADA - MALI BICKLEY 5TH GRADE CLASS

Music Videos | MY HERO Song Contest

Original Songs

Hands Up Don't Shoot

Produced by:RAP ARTIST:Queen McElrath, DIRECTOR: Aniea Cody, PRODUCER: Todd Youn...

Nashville High School students, Queen McElrath and team show love and talent for Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson Missouri.

Find a Way

Produced by:BAYCAT

"Find a way" music produced by BAYCAT High School level students. Video produced by the BAYCAT Fall 2017 youth filmmaking class.

Stand Up

Produced by:Girard College Lower School

This song was written by Paul M. Eaton for his Middle School students in response to their association with the National Liberty Museum and being exposed to their message of "Live Like A Hero".

My Blue Heart

Produced by:MY HERO

High School Student Whitney Winefordner and Larsen McCarroll perform original song in honor of Sylvia Earle.

Take a Look at Yourself

Produced by:Produced by: BAYCAT / Directed by: Bechy Choi

In this music video, BAYCAT High School level producers take a deeper look at the mainstream media and its flaws.

Heartbeat of the Earth

Produced by:The Dreamteam

The Earth needs us and we need the Earth. Original Music Video  by the Dreamteam.

Ditty for Dilley Music Video

Produced by:Doug Miller/Sasha Evans/MY HERO

A professional music video about James Dilley, founder of the Laguna Greenbelt.

ECO Hero Rap

Produced by:Wendy Milette & Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach

Elementary Students in the Celebrate ECO Heroism Program at the Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club collaborated on this song with the help of musician, Stu Pearlman.

Creative Music Videos


Produced by:Logan Cascia - Music by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

High School Portrait of hero Tommy Carroll, who embraces his disability and doesn't view his blindness as a handicap--and meets his hero, skateboard legend Tony Hawk.

Don't Give it All Away

Produced by:Slater Jewell-Kemker

High School student, Slater, uses this World Party song to promote youth activism.

Taft High version of Ingrid Michaelsons Blood Brothers

Produced by:Jerrilyn Jacobs
Featuring the Taft High School Choral Ensemble, Orchestra, Band, Guitar Ensemble, shot by the Taft Film making class, choreographed by student Jahla. We live this song! TAFT HIGH SCHOOL - LA

Love is the Greatest Thing - Pato Banton

Produced by:The MY HERO Project

Professionally produced video of Pato Banton performing at the MY HERO 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Sog Contest Call for Entries
Credit: myhero

Additional Resources

View winning films from the MY HERO International Film Festival!

MY HERO International Film Festival Winners
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MY HERO Media Arts Education Resources

SUBMIT your work to the MY HERO International Film Festival and be eligible for awards and prizes!
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