Michael Jordan

by Caden Arndt from Woodbridge, Ontario in Canada

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         I chose Michael Jordan since I love sports and the incredible back story Michael had.  Michael Jordan was brought up in a normal family. He was trained by his dad and they worked everyday to get better as Michael was told he wasn't good enough to play high level basketball. Michael worked pushed through the diversity and became the greatest basketball player of all time.

        He went through a lot. He was told countless times he wasn't going to go far in basketball and that he should give up and focus on school. His family situation wasn't always the best as his mom and dad were not together. In the end Michael father always would help him train. Michael was cut from his high school basketball team in his last year which should have made him not want to play anymore but Michael decided to train even harder to prove that he was good enough.

        Michael was faced with so much adversity but he overcame it by having the heart and drive to become what he knew he could. Everyone in Michael life that saw him play basketball said he wasn't good enough and they never thought he would play high level basketball. Michael Jordan proved them all wrong and became the “GOAT. Michael is a huge inspiration in the sports world as he showed everyone what hard work can do. 

         Michael Jordan is a great leader and hard worker. He never let anyone tell him he wasn’t good enough. Jordan is like a super hero because of the work he would put in not because he had to but because he wanted to. He inspired many young basketball players and other sports players to always work hard and do their best. This Is why Michael Jordan is my hero.


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