Michaelle Jean

by Lucas Topol from Toronto, Ontario in Canada

             Do you want to learn about Black History Month? Do you want to learn about a famous black Canadian? Well, I'm going to teach you about Michaelle Jean. Michaelle Jean was a governor-general of Canada. ( 27th black Canadian to be a governor general). Jean was a refugee coming to Canada. Jean got a job as a journalist and broadcaster for CBC.

                 After Michaelle Jean finished the University of Montreal, she acquired a job as a broadcaster and a journalist for CBC in 1988. Jean was the first Caribbean woman to be seen on Montreal television. Jean would talk about crises or predicaments occurring around the world on CBC.

           From 2005 and 2010 Jean was selected as the governor general of Canada. ( specifically the 27th to hold the possession in the office ) Fun fact Michelle Jean was the first Haitian Canadian to hold the possession in the office. In 2005 Jean was appointed governor general by Queen Elizabeth 2.

            In 1968 Jean was a refugee from Port-au-Prince, Haiti coming to Canada and was raised in the town of Thetford Mines, Quebec. (Port-au-Prince is the capital of Haiti. The climate of Port-au-Prince is very humid and it sporadically rains).

              Now you know about Michaelle Jean's life and how she succeeded in a plethora of things like I wrote in my essay how she was a broadcaster and a journalist and how she is the first black Haitian Canadian to hold a position in the office or how she was a refugee from Haiti coming to Thetford Mines, Quebec.


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