Michelle Jean

by Jessica Zwaigen from Toronto in Canada

According to Google only 29% of the Canadian government are women and only 4.3% of Canada is black. Michaëlle Jean falls into both of those categories. If you want to learn more you should probably listen up because you're in the right place. Here you will learn about who Michaelle Jean is, her accomplishments and how she made a positive impact on Canadian history.

Michaelle Jean was born on September 6 1957. She lives in Montreal, Canada, and is now 66 years old. She is married to Jean Daniel Lafond and has a daughter named Marie-Eden. 

 She is a Canadian stateswoman which means she is active in politics and the government. She is also a former journalist. Jean organized a study on the abuse between married couples and worked at a women's shelter. She created many other shelters for women and children.

Michaelle Jean was the first black woman to hold the governor general position and held it from 2005 to 2010. Her career showed that instead of working for herself she helped others and that is how she made an impact on Canadian history.

 As a black Canadian woman, Michaelle Jean did some pretty remarkable things. She was the first black woman to hold a very important position in the government. She was so important that she even represented the queen! More than that Michaelle Jean dedicated her life to helping others and that is how Michaelle Jean made an impact on Canadian history.


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