Michelle Obama

by Hanna Said from San Diego, California in United States

There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.


Michelle Obama the Nutritious  Hero

123542Michelle Obama does a person define a hero? Is it a hero someone who wears a cape, flies and has powers? Or, is it someone who helps others and cares about people’s health? Though Michelle Obama does not wear a cape, fly or have super powers, she still exemplifies a tremendous hero in America. Michelle Obama was born on January 17th 1964 in Chicago IL. She was a bright young child as she excelled in school. Michelle has two daughters, with her husband Barack, named Malia and Sasha. Michelle attended Princeton and Harvard University. To be a hero a person must fit certain traits. Such as kindness, selflessness, and compassion. Michelle Obama is a well known hero in America. She is well known for her kindness, selflessness, and her caring actions. Her traits are proved by her well known actions to help others in America such as supporting military families, encouraging healthy food, and also encouraging physical activity for children.

123520A photo of happy Michelle Obama is known for her kind heart as she helps others. She  helps military families to comfort there families, if any of their family members are deployed and they are going through a rough time. “Another incredible deed that the first lady has done is supported military families through some rough times. There is a significant amount of fear pain, and loneliness that a military family can go through each and everyday. Their husband or wife has taken an ultimate sacrifice in leaving their family to help out in the war. Mrs.Obama felt like she needed to give comfort to fallen soldiers' families and other active soldiers families.” (Nework). This shows how Michelle is understanding towards the families who feel lonely, and miss their loved ones who are deployed. She comforts them and helps them feel better. This is significant because it tells that Michelle feels that she needs to do this for others, which shows she has true kindness. Michelle cares and helps children with diabetes. “The First Lady has opened the eyes of many in a various amount of situations portraying to diabetes, supporting military families, and giving a big endorsement on eating healthy. Diabetes is one of our harshest problems that some Americans face day to day. The excruciating pain of stabbing a needle in your finger every single day is horrible. Ms. Michelle Obama is taking steps forward to help those struggling in everyday poor food choices to take better interest for themselves. She has planted a vegetable garden in her back yard since Eleanor Roosevelt served as First Lady. She strongly believes in a new healthy America.” (Nework).  One of the most common diseases in America is diabetes. That is why Michelle feels it is important to help and encourage people with diabetes to eat the right things. This is significant because she is involved in her own program, by planting a vegetable garden to motivate healthy eating. Michelle’s kind heart makes America a better place by supporting and comforting military families and encouraging healthy eating for people with diabetes.

123534Michelle's Let's Move campaign is known for her selfless acts towards others, as she cares for other people in America. The former First Lady promotes healthy eating and exercise. She made her own garden to get involved in her Let’s Move! program. “As First Lady, Obama promoted healthy eating and physical activity as an antidote to the national obesity epidemic. Her endeavors included an organic vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House and Let's Move! The latter program, launched in February of 2010, encouraged parents, children, schools, communities, child care providers, kids, chefs, health care providers, and elected officials to make healthy changes.” (America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids). Again, this is significant because it shows how Michelle is an activist with her own program. She truly feels the need to help other people to help them make more healthy choices. She wants America to be encouraged to make real changes with their eating habits. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, the wife of Joe Biden, join together to launch their program to people of military families. “Obama and Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden, the vice president, together launched a program to encourage and support military families. Joining Forces, launched in April of 2011, encouraged civilians to participate in service projects and send messages to military families. Barack Obama supported the effort and encouraged businesses to hire veterans and their spouses.” (Gale Biography). This is significant because it is important to help the families that need extra support dues to their families in the military. Michelle cares for others before she cares for herself, by helping families and managing programs to help others eat better.

Michelle Obama’s acts have impacted the United States greatly. By her acts of kindness, selflessness, and her caring actions she is a hero to America. Michelle has felt the need to help military families, dealing without their loved ones, when they are out of the country. She also motivates healthy eating so people in America can change their unhealthy eating habits. Michelle Obama inspires myself and others by her kindness. Her kindness inspires me to want to help others and be kind to everyone. Michelle should no be known as just “the president’s wife”. Her kindness and her selflessness have proved her to be much more.


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