Missy Franklin

by Juliana V. from United States


    Faster than a fish, swimming towards the finish line, who is this amazing swimmer? Melissa Franklin of course! In fact, she has an important background and meaningful events, many accomplishments, and fits my version of a hero. She sure is an amazing and talented woman!


    Melissa Franklin (aka Missy), is an accomplished swimmer who became an Olympian during the early years of her life. Missy Franklin was born on May 10, 1995 in Pasadena, California. She moved to Centennial, Colorado when she started swimming at 5 years old. In fact, she completed in her first national swimming event at just age 14! She has been swimming in the Olympics since 2012. However, she will not be competing in the 2020 Olympics because she is now in college, and in addition, she recently got engaged. Currently, Missy Franklin is 23 years of age.

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Missy Franklin was able to pursue her passion in the pool and achieved many of her Olympic dreams. During the 2012 Olympics Missy won 5 medals, 4 were gold and 1 was bronze. Earlier, Ms. Franklin tried out for the 2008 Olympics trial at a young age of 13. On top of that, Missy was named breakout performer of the year in 2010! Missy Franklin continues to work hard and encourages young people to swim. She is a hero because she supports One Drop U.S.A, a charity working towards ensuring clean, accessible water to people around the world.  


Missy Franklin has done many amazing things in her life and has had a wonderful career. These accomplishments are what makes her a hero. Now, if you ever get the chance to see the great swimmer do what she does best, you will know all about her.









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