Peacemakers Heroes

Martin Luther King, Jr.

by James from Webb City

Have you ever herd of some one that has done something so great that some people think of him as a hero. Well I have his name is Martin luther King Jr. He was born January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. His mother was Alberta King who was a school thecher and his father Michael Luther King who was a Baptist minister

Martin Luther King was a very important man. He changed the minds of congress. When you think of what he did and what he had to go through you would think of him as a true hero. He made speeches and protests knowing that what de was doing would get him thrown in jail or worse killed but he did it any way because he wasfed up with the way his people where treating him.

Matin Luther King Opend up alot of opertunities for African Americans like singing. The most famous people where the Jackson 5. They may have had a few problems but not as many as they would have had if Martin luther King Jr. hadnt said somthing about the way they where being treated

He had to have alot of courage just to get up on stage and make speeches. He knew what people would say when he got up there and said what he thought. He didnt care though because he knew what he was saying was the truth and no body could change that. He had a Dream that his children wouldnt have to go through the same torture he had to.

After all those years we still remember those 4 words "I have a dream". A few years after he won the nobel peace prize he was assasinated he was 39 yeahrs old

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