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Martin Luther King, Jr.

by James from Center Valley

Martin Luther King Jr. is my hero. Martin was a black man who was being treated unfairly. He wasn't the only one being treated this way. All blacks were treated this way. They couldn't do any thing whites could do.

Martin Luther King was the same as Abraham Lincoln because he helped blacks. He was also like Abraham Lincoln because he was assassinated.

Martin Luther King was different from other heroes because he tried to change the United States. He eventually did change the United States. He made blacks equal. He made blacks equal to do what ever whites could.

Martin Luther King's accomplishments were to make blacks equal. His other accomplishment was for his daughters to live in a free country. Both of his dreams came true.

Martin Luther King influenced me to treat blacks equal. Also to help blacks. I think Martin Luther King is a hero because he made blacks equal.

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