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Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Aaron from Webb City

I think everybody should have a hero. Idon't really care if there alive or if there fake. I just think everybody should have a hero. My definition of a hero is someone who has done something to help a country and has either died or been injured in the process of his duties. Also a hero should be someone you can look up to and he impacts your life in some way.

M.L.K. Jr is a hero to alot of people. I think he's a person who would help someone or impacted the country in some way. One general fact is that he was born on Jan 15,1929 and he died on Apr 14, 1968(Magill 1971). Another fact about M.L.K Jr. is that he encouraged his Parihsions to help the needy and to be a stive in organazations sush as the NAACP(Magill 1973). He almost encouraged an entire nation. My last fact about M.L.K. Jr. is that he was the pricible leader of a boycott that lasted 381-days(Magill 1973).

He's also a hero because he's a person you can look up to. In 1957,King traveled 780,000 miles and made 208 speeches during that time(Moritz 221). He was arrested for the first time in January of 1956, his charge, doing 30 mph in 25 mph zone(Moritz 221). Another fact is that King had been called the "father" of the sit in not because he organized that form of protest against discriminaton at lunch counters, collages, libraries, but because he inspired and encouraged the civil disobediance type of demonstration(Moritz 221). My last fact is that he spent much of 1959 taking part in demonstrations thoughout the U.S. on behalf of desregation(Moritz 221).

This paragraph is about the part of the hero that impacts your life. The first fact took place in 1957, Approx. 60 African Americans ministers assambled in Atlanta to form the SCLC to conclude the civil rights fight(Lowie 205). Another fact is that a year later Dwight D. Eisanhower received for M.L.K. and 3 other black civil rights leaders. They did it to help the civil rights act(Lowie205). The last fact is when King and 75 other students entered the store and requeted lunch counters serve he and 36 other students. He and the 36 other students were arrested for what they did(Lowie 205).

What people can learn from this person is that you should stand up for whats right. you might even do some of the radical things that M.L.K. Jr. did.He helped a lot in the decline of Segregation to the point where whites and African Americans could go to the same school and things like that.

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