Freedom Heroes

Martin Luther King Jr.

by Michael from Aberdeen

Martin Luther King Jr.
By: Michael DeMello at St. Benedicts School, Holmdel, N.J.

Hi, my hero is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.He was a great civil rights leader. He won many prizes and awards, he made some memorable speeches, who can ever forget that "I Have A Dream" speech.

He is my hero because he was out in the world for peace, not the racism. He was effected by this. He wanted to stop it because when you are picked on because of your skin color or the way you look or talk, it hurts people. He was a famous man who loved to fight for what was right just not for his society, but for all of humanity.

He was a great man, he went to jail and accepted that fact that he was imprisoned for no appearent reason. This man was cut short of his efforts, but he is still MY HERO

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