Marilyn Monroe

by Alissa from New York

Marilyn Monroe, also known as Norma Jean Baker, was a hero because she was confident. She was strong at heart and always will be remembered for that. Marilyn Monroe got a divorce everytime she was married because of acting. She was brave going through her divorces. She stood up for what was right in her view. That is why Marilyn Monroe is a hero.

Marilyn had a few character traits. She always had a smile on her face, which meant she was glad. She was a little shy here and there. She would do some things even if she did not want to, which means she was strong inside and out. She was just great.

Norma Jean became an orphan at an early age. She was born on June 1st, 1926. Her mother’s name was Gladys. When her mother got very ill, Norma would never see her again. Norma Jean married a guy named Joe a few weeks after her seventeenth birthday. She died on August 5th, 1962, at the age of thirty-two. That’s the background of Marilyn Monroe.

Norma Jean faced many challenges. One challenge was that she was an orphan at an early age. While she was at the orphanage, she claimed she was treated badly. Another challenge Norma Jean went through was when her dear friend, Aunt Ana, died. Another challenge Norma Jean went through was moving back to a foster home again. At the age of nine, Norma was big for her age. Kids at the foster home made fun of her and she rarely smiled. As a movie star, she was treated like an object rather than a human, which was a big obstacle to overcome. Those are some of the challenges Norma Jean experienced.

Her contributions were being a model, actress, singer, dancer, wife, and an entertainer to troops. She also made people feel good about themselves and others.

You see, Marilyn Monroe is a hero to me and she should be to all of you. Marilyn took drugs to help her, not to kill her. If she was alive today, she would make a perfect hero for everyone.

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