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by Arian Goran from San Diego, California in United States

"You're going to relegate my history to a month." -


134429Morgan Freeman Freeman, One of the best known actors in the world has a great and motivational story about how he got to where he is right now. From going to zero to hero he is one of the most hardworking person you could think of. Freeman played in many popular movies throughout the years and played roles where it touched the viewer’s heart. Probably one of the best motivational speaker, telling his fans things such as “The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit” & “Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen - that stillness becomes a radiance,” (Morgan Freeman Quotes).  Morgan Freeman is an actor who played many inspirational roles in his career. Morgan is one of the best known actors world wide and starred in many common movies throughout the years. Freeman been through a lot of hard work to get where he is from now. A hero must possess generosity and caring. Everybody in the world is always so negative now and the most powerful traits a human can be is generous and caring. Morgan Freeman is both of those. Whether if its showing love to his fans, or helping out the community.


134432Morgan Freeman Freeman is generous because he does activities such as converting his 124-acre ranch into a huge honeybee sanctuary to save the bees. Freeman is a savior to the bees and helps the environment. “Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Giant Honeybee Sanctuary To Save The Bees” ( Without honey bees to pollinate our food we would all die. Morgan has increased the ability of the world population to survive by saving bees. Morgan has also imported 26 bee hives from state to state. “Freeman imported 26 bee hives from Arkansas to his ranch in Mississippi. There, Freeman works to feed the bees sugar and water and has help planting bee-friendly magnolia trees, lavender, clover, etc” (

Therefore Morgan Freeman is one of the most generous humans by saving the environment and not being selfish with his fame.


Morgan Freeman is a very caring person for many reasons. One of the reasons he is caring is because he made an arch for the bees to help the environment. Another reason why he is a caring person is because he made a charity To Support the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, donating funds to help create a new research area at the Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine. Morgan Freeman saw Hurricane Ivan’s and saw the damage it did so he decided to do something about it. “He created a cookbook (with recipe contributions from other celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Hilary Swank and Michael Douglas), ‘Morgan Freeman and Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause.’ Proceeds go to the Grenada Relief Fund, a charity Freeman helped set up after Hurricane Ivan” ( With making this charity, Morgan has helped the community in the Caribbean. This helped pay most of the 26 billion dollars worth of damages. With his charity “Grenada relief fund.” he has made it so that the hurricane disasters have a limit for damages which his charity will pay off. The Caribbean islands has thank him ever since. Not only did Freeman made a charity to help Hurricane Ivan, but decided to sell his yacht, all the money going to charity. “Freeman’s yacht, Afrodesia, is now up for sale for just under $300,000 with all the net proceeds going to support charity” ( Even though Freeman had many fun experiences with his yacht, he still doing something very generous. With the yacht up for sale for $300,000, it would be enough to do a change into the world. Morgan may have his own charity, but it doesn't stop him from supporting other charities. Sadly, the yacht had to go away, but with it going away he is still doing something great in the community. With all the things Morgan did, it helped the earth very much. Whether it was helping out the Caribbean, or selling his yacht with all the net going to charity, it shows how generous Freeman is.


Freeman is one best actors of all time, starring in many movies. Also one of the most inspirational celebrities out there, standing up for things that are wrong and doing things that are right. So he is not just a famous actor, but a likeable guy. With all the things Morgan has done with the bees, or with helping the environment/community, he is one of the most respected actors of all time. Being one of the most inspirational actor there is, he will never stop touching his fans' hearts. Morgan Freeman inspires me because he sends a message out there, and every message of his means something. Whether it is helping with charity, or helping out the environment, or inspiring little kids with his movies, he inspires me. With all these things he is just an overall generous, caring, inspirational, person. With all of these kind activities to support the community, Morgan Freeman is one of the best overall person anybody could know. This is why Morgan Freeman is my hero.


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