Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Thomas Morgan & Ceasar Chavez

by Morgan from Mill Valley

To me, a hero is somebody that tries to help people in need and is able to give to people instead of taking from them. A hero really believes in what he or she fights for. For instance, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated for his beliefs. A hero is somebody who takes chances and who is able to stand up to danger. A hero is loving and compassionate to others.

My grandpa, Thomas Morgan, is a hero to me because of the way he gave his life to teaching, traveling, and working for good political causes. He learned and read about different cultures, and was a good father and grandfather. He was a biology teacher and was cherished by his faculty and loved by his students. When he retired, he became a scientist and flew in his airplane all around the country studying geography.

Ceasar Chavez was a hero to me because of what he did for Mexicans coming to California looking for work. The Mexicans he fought for were mostly ones that were being underpaid, not having a good place to live and being endangered from poisons in the field. He was a hero to me and to thousands of Mexican farm workers.

I think that the two men in my report are alike because they both gave to their communities, and helped their communities in political ways. They also taught people things that are good and things they should fight for in the long run. My Grandpa is a teacher, an explorer, an activist and a great grandpa. Ceasar Chavez was a pioneer for Mexican laborers and a brave man.

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