Mother Teresa

by Bella from New Jersey in United States

130166Mother Teresa/www.awesomestories.comMother Teresa was a very good hard working person. She was a humanitarian which means she would decide to dedicate her life to helping the poor, needy, and sick.  She was a hero because she would fight for the rights of the sick and poor. I learned Mother Teresa had a helpful life and accomplished many things to help the needy.

She was born August 26, 1910 in Uskub, Ottoman Empire. Her birth name was Anjezë Gonxha Bojaxha.  Her father died when she was 8 years old, so her mom raised her.  She grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and decided to devote her life to God.  When she turned 18 she joined the Sisters of Loreteo and became a teacher, took vows and her nun name was Mother Teresa.  She soon after started a charity for the homeless, the blind, and so much more. She was always hungry and had to beg for food.  She helped people that felt unwanted so she had a charity called the Missions of Charity. Lastly, Mother Teresa died September 5, 1997 in Calcutta, India.

In her life she had many accomplishments. She once was a teacher and took vows as a nun. She also helped the people that felt unwanted. One of the most important things she had ever done was making a charity called Missionaries of Charity. Now I hope you learned a lot about all of Mother Teresa's amazing life with tons of accomplishments.

My conclusion is that Mother Teresa was a very good person and accomplished so much.             



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