Mother Teresa made me look at a lot of things differently. She made me understand that we shouldn't be self-absorbed but also care for the people around us. She really touched my heart and read me a message. And this my narration. 

Mother Teresa: A Glimpse of Change

by Tarun Batchu from POWELL, Ohio in United States

There are many morals that we don’t all acknowledge

From when we were born to when we die, 

There are morals that don’t remain as general knowledge

A hero brought us a glimpse of change

And now all we do is follow on little by little, for exactly doing what my hero did, is out of range


In a world where we are self-absorbed, caring only for ourselves and the people we love

We should learn to care for the people around us,

Always creating a sense of love when people think of us, 

Should never remain an acquaintance to anyone, but something above


When we change, we should be known for our humanitarian work

We should be able to change a dull face to one with a smirk

We should live a life of help, love, and compassion

Understand that when it comes to our wealth, with the less fortunate, we can ration


Freeze, stay still, as we grow in life we step on others

My hero once said if you find happiness honestly, people might accuse you of ulterior motives

But be happy anyway, for then you deserve where you sit in life

Don’t feel guilt as long as your heart knows that you did not spread feelings of rife

As I speak, hundreds are dedicating their lives, but thousands are committing crimes

We hold back, wait for a change but they do it every time

Everyone faces hard times, but that doesn’t indicate what we become

Many of us change into these people, as that isn’t where we're from


My hero taught me that it doesn’t matter how much you do

But how much love you put into what you do

She taught me to reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul

To dream deep, for every dream precedes its goal


My hero is Mother Teresa and she always will 

As she tought us these many morals with much skill

She will always stay in millions of hearts, with all we’ve learned

I will always show respect to Mother Teresa, with all the attitudes she’s turned


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