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Mozart: A Life

By Maynard Solomon

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers, 1996
ISBN: 0060926929
MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.
Child prodigy, creative genius, tortured soul—Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was all of these, and considered by many to be the greatest composer of all time. This biography seeks to learn what made him tick.

Solomon brings new psychological insight to the life and music of Mozart, from his birth in 1756, to his premature death in 1791. At a tender age, because of his very talents, Mozart became his family's provider. Beset with what the author calls "the myth of the eternal child," he was continually torn between his family and his own quest for freedom. This book explores issues crucial to understanding the man and his music, while it follows his extraordinary, prolific life: his flight from Salzburg to the capitals of Europe where he was honored by royal families and adoring fans, his emergence as a young composer and Salzburg's "favorite son," his conquest of Vienna, his marriage, his deepening melancholia, and his final triumphs. B&W illus. 640pp.

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