Mr. Ping

by Sarah Drakung from Hong Kong, China

Mr. Ping from Kung Fu Panda is my hero because he taught me how to dream!! He is always talking about the noodle dream and has inspired me so MUCHHH! When I go to sleep I used to have nightmares, but now all I dream about is noodles. When I wake up, sometimes I hear Mr. Pong's voice instead of Mr. Ping. So I wake up and I go downstairs and I make noodles. I buy tons of Instantping noodles from the grocery store, and I have ben eating them for the past five years. I live alone now because I'm older, but Mr. Ping is still there to watch over me. Sometimes I still see him in my windowsill. My bed sheets have Mr. Ping on them and my pillow cases as well. 

I devote my WHOLE life to the Ping belief.

Ping is so right.

Ping is the way of life.

Let's not forget the fact Mr. Ping raised a panda which he found abandoned and grew to be 10 times his own size. The other day I walked outside to see a nest in the bush beside my house. There was baby goose inside of it or some bird I wasn't sure of. I did what Mr. Ping would've done and adopted the baby bird as my own. I even named the baby bird Mr. Ping.


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