Mikey Ray Frasier

by Alex from Joplin

A hero can be a lot of things: someone who has saved another person's life, someone who has risked his life or safety for others, someone who has done something no one else could do. My hero, Mike Frasier, fills all these roles and more.

Mike Frasier has risked his life for others. Mike works in an environment where there is a constant threat of danger from chemical leaks. These rarely occur, but when one did, Mike was ready to act.

Common procedure is to have safety glasses and a respirator on at all times. One frightful day, a young man who neglected to put on safety equipment was sprayed in the face with acid during a chemical leak. The chemical compound released a thick cloud of poisonous gas all around him. He could not see, breathe, or get to the emergency shower. Mike was far enough away to not be affected by the gas, but he knew a man was in there. Without safety equipment of his own, Mike plunged into the thick cloud, and dragged the man into the shower just in time to save his life. Miraculously, the man only partially lost his sight in one eye, and Mike came out unscathed.

Mike Frasier has saved the lives of many people. One person is Ray Geis. Mike and Ray had gotten together with their families for a dinner party. The main dish had just been served when Ray started to choke. Mike realized that Ray couldn't breathe, and he jumped to his aid. Everyone else at the table froze, but Mike knew just what to do. He performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved Ray's life.

Mike's bravery and quick thinking also saved the life of a young boy. Mike and his daughter Tara were having a picnic at Five Mile Creek in Baxter Springs. A boy who was too young to be swimming alone had ventured out into the water. When Mike saw him go under, he swam out and brought the boy to shore, saving him from certain death.

***This is Mike and Tara.***

Mike Frasier has done things for others that no one else could do. One night he returned home and saw his friend and roommate, Turk, holding a gun to his chin. Before Turk could pull the trigger, Mike calmly started to talk to him. After an hour, Mike finally managed to talk Turk into putting the gun down. If Mike had not shown up when he did and said the right things, Turk probably would have taken his own life.

Mike Frasier fits the description of a hero perfectly. Mike has risked his life to save others. Mike has done things for others that no one else could do. Mikey Ray Frasier is a true hero.

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