by Mohameth Niane from Dakar

148443Mohameth Nianecourtesy Cheikh Darou SeckTo Mrs DIOP

Oh, dear cherished teacher
With you I feel so happy
I cannot celebrate you the way I’d love to
For I am not Baudelaire

What I mean is liquid clear
As bright as the light
That dazzles me when you teach me about Moliere
With you learning is like
Being born anew from 
My knowledge
Just to understand

And success is not far away
It feels close at hand
Just like a written line
On a literature book

Oh madam
All I can say
Is you are so tender
Such a great teacher
To all my queries

Let me tell you one thing
Live until you see our success
And that you are proud of us


Mohameth Niane









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Author Info

Mohameth Niane is a 15 year old student poet who is very passionate about poetry. He started writing poems at primary school. He is so inspired that he continuously writes about everything that appeals to him. To date Mohameth has written 45 poems and he is one of the best poetry writer in my school. We really contemplate editing his many poems into a poetry book. If that happens Mohameth will probably be one of the youngest poets in Senegal. 

For now he is a form 3 student at the El Hadji ibrahima Thiaw college of Parcelles Assainies, a suburb of Dakar.