Mrs Henderson

by Lisa Fon from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Mrs Henderson: Greatest teacher you could ask for. By Lisa

This week, 5/10/2024, is Teacher Appreciation Week. I want to celebrate the amazing teachers at my school who taught me different subjects and things throughout my years at school. I have learned so much because of the careful people! When you flip on the TV you can always see popular singers, presidents, artists, librarians, or people celebrating events like Saint Patrick's Day from Irish people, but wouldn't it be cool to see a teacher on television? It would be cool to show their spectacular talent as being a hero.

When I first came to fourth grade, I was astonished that I had a 5th teacher: Mrs Henderson! She teaches social studies. Mrs Henderson is an amazing teacher. She is very compassionate! Mrs Henderson is also very helpful. I had a Technical issue with my computer when I was trying to do one of her tests and she showed me the steps on how to fix it. She is very kind! One day, on black history month, she let me paint and draw on her door for a decoration she found on her phone. Mrs Henderson is so kind! She lets us play online games, Kahoot, she does all kinds of things. One day she made a field trip to the Kennesaw Mountains; it was very nice. It was about the Civil War and what happened. We traveled on the mountains, came to a gift shop, watched a movie and talked with the park ranger. Mrs Henderson is Amazing! was trying to make a Frederick Douglas door. He was one of the 50 most important people in black history month. Mrs Henderson got brown construction paper and let me draw on it since she found my interest in arts and crafts! 

Mrs Henderson is very kind, she was nice enough to let me ask her questions from a paper for teachers' appreciation week, while she was teaching in her class. I asked her how she spent her summer breaks. She said that she went to the pool, swam and played at the beach with her kids, went to Six Flags, played boogie Boardmen, went to the park, drove to the zoo, and went swimming. It was very busy.

And did you know that Mrs Henderson can cook lasagna? Mrs Henderson had 2 dogs, but she didn't want cats, because she was allergic to them. On Saturday nights she would spend time with her kids, or go out with her husband. Mrs Henderson is also very compassionate with her school spirit. She wore 30 cool T-Shirts to show the definition of what she was teaching, or just for fun. She would have dress-up days, and participate in school events, if she was able to. People who inspired Mrs Henderson were dedicated people, people who get things done in time, and motivated people who inspired her. Those are some good Questions about Mrs Henderson.  That's why I chose her as my school teacher hero! Happy Teachers Appreciation Week, readers! 

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