Mrs. Murray

by Hannah White from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

 My Hero Mrs, Murray by, Hannah

It's teacher appreciation week and I want to appreciate the things that Mrs.Murray does for me. Every time my mom turns on the radio they always talk about singers like Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen but they never talk about teachers.

I picked Mrs.Murray because when I first met her we connected really fast. Once in music class, we were writing a musical note and I was confused because at my old school we didn’t learn how to do that musical note so she helped me.

What do you think Mrs.Murray does on summer breaks? Well she spends time by the pool and goes on trips. What kind of driver do you think Mrs Murray was? Well, she was a very careful driver. What Hogwarts house do you think Mrs.Murray would be sorted in? Well, Mrs.Murray said that she would be Ravenclaw.

Teachers are important because they teach you stuff that you need to know like math or reading and sometimes music can be important because If you want to be a famous singer one day then you have to learn the right technique, so that is the reason why I picked Mrs.Murray.

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